Making Sharing personal.

Freely share & discuss your interests with friends.


Making Sharing personal.

Freely share & discuss your interests with friends.


Less Public,
more personal.

Social media can feel like a big party—often fun, but also exhausting. These crowded environments can limit what we say and share.  

JustFor lets us be our true selves with those who are truly interested.

targeted sharing

Share each topic with specific friends.  They then decide how often, if ever, to receive updates on each of your topics. 

group sharing without group discussion

All replies are only seen by you. Share with people who don’t know each other, without group dynamics.


Web links, photos, or ideas - keep them for yourself or share with others. 

not a social network

No public profiles, followers, friend requests, game invites, or
comments from people you don’t know.

How do others Use JustFor?

Honest sharing & feedback
"When it comes to getting real feedback from good friends, I turn to JustFor."  

Share with my spouse
"My wife and I share and store ideas for house projects, vacations, halloween costumes, and places to take our children around town."

"I keep great business articles, or valuable lessons learned at work to share with trusted business-minded friends, without hosting a group discussion."

Family photos
"We keep many family spaces:  some just for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles who can't get enough."  

Communicating with clients
"I love using JustFor to send all my clients a daily motivational quote or tip.  I can share to all of them at once, but only have discussions one-on-one to preserve their privacy."

"I love that I can post political articles with a wide variety of friends and talk honestly with each person individually."