Welcome to the JustFor Alpha

Thank you for your help!

If you forget how you got here - try to remember to go to www.justfor.co and look for the link to "Alpha".


  1. In the next day or two, you should receive an email from Apple.  Open the email on your mobile phone and click the link that says "Start Testing".  This email will have a link to download the "Test Flight" app from the app store.  After installing and launching the Test Flight app you will see the JustFor app to install.
  2. After installing and launching JustFor - don't sign up!  We have created your JustFor account already.  Instead, go to the JustFor login area and press "Reset".  Enter your email address that we included in our recent email to you.
  3. Look for an email from JustFor to reset your password.  The link will take you to your mobile browser (Safari) to create a new password.  After creating your new password, the sign in page will be displayed and will tempt you - don't do it!  The browser app is not quite ready.
  4. Return to the JustFor app (rather than the Safari browser) and go back to the sign in page.  Sign in to the JustFor app using your JustFor email address.



Please visit our Getting Started page for app instructions.

Please visit our Features page to see what features are not yet in the alpha.



  • Send us feedback with this short form for reporting ideas, issues, bugs, things you love, or enthusiastic kudos you might have for us. 
  • When your testing is complete,  we would love for you to complete this survey with 10 questions.
  • You can also always email us at support@justfor.co for any reason.
  • You can also reply to one of our posts in the JustFor HQ Updates space within the app.