MINI-TUTORIAL (In-App tutorial coming later)

  • The feed is where you see new posts or comments.  You can clear items from your feed with right swipe and configure feed frequency for each space with a left swipe.
  • The spaces area is where posts are stored.  Each post lives inside a single space.  A space can represent anything: a topic, a photo album, a list, a collection of ideas, to-do's, etc.  For example:  Family Photos, Trip to Europe, Politics, College Basketball, Ideas for a kitchen remodel, Favorite restaurants, etc.  Here are more examples.
  • At the top of the spaces area are buttons for Mine and Others - the Others area is a list of spaces someone else created.  
  • For each space, you can set your own feed frequency to either Live or Mute (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly are coming later).  A space set to mute will not show new notifications in the feed.  You can always go to the space to see new posts.
  • New posts can be made from either the feed or the spaces area.


  • Upload an avatar in Settings.
  • Create new spaces.  Add a space name and description.  Don't know what to use a space for?  Here are a few ideas.
  • Add people to each space using their email address.  For now, you can only add people in the alpha.  You will receive a separate email to let you know exactly who you can share with.
  • Create posts in your spaces with photos or text (web links and video coming later).  Please note that recipients are not associated with individual posts - only with the space a post is assigned to.
  • In the feed area, pull down to refresh for new notifications (we don't have an auto refresh yet).  Please keep checking your feed for many days or even weeks in case other friends continue sharing with you.
  • Make comments on other people's posts.  Remember the comment is only seen by the person who created the post.
  • Feel free to clear items out of your feed with right swipe or change feed frequency of a space with left swipe.
  • If the app vanishes while using it, it's because of a bug.  We expect bugs in the alpha.  We will get a report when this happens and will look into it.  Simply restart the app.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.


The alpha is CLOSED. This means new people cannot sign up. You can only share with people who we set up in the system here at JustFor HQ. We will send you a list of your friends who are in the alpha.  If you want anyone else to participate, please send an email to If you add an email to a space that is not approved for the alpha, we will not send a message to that address; we will keep them in our system for the beta launch so they can eventually be included in your space(s).

Use the right email address to assign your friends. Our system depends on email addresses to connect people when assigning people to a space. It's important that you use the correct email to assign your friends to a space. We will send you the emails of your friends' JustFor accounts, so you can share with them in the app. 

Please note!  We cannot guarantee that your spaces, posts, and comments will not be deleted prior to the beta, though we will try hard to preserve them.