nutrition, music

My wife and I are really into nutrition and maintain a few spaces for news, things we learn, and recipes we love. As we meet new people equally excited about what we have learned we add them to the space for them to benefit from what we have gathered.

We make kombucha and keep all the tricks we learn along the way in JustFor.  As we meet other people who appreciate this fine art, we add them to the space to gain from our experience.

I am really into the Decemberists.  I mean REALLY.  As I bump into other people I meet I add them to my Decemberists space to geek out with me about the recent album or upcoming tour.

Spaces I keep just for myself:  tattoo ideas, birthday ideas for my wife, links to songs to play on the guitar


I keep a space for all the movies people recommend to me but I haven't seen yet.  I also keep a space for my own personal movie reviews.  My friends all appreciate using each other to find great movies and avoid the bad ones.

I keep a #LOL space for funny stuff I think is worth sharing.  I also keep a #LOL (R) for advanced humor I only share with a few friends who I think would appreciate it.

When I read a good book I summarize my "take-aways" and post them here for my closest friends to enjoy and discuss - and for me to come back to review certain books that impacted me the most.

I have some spaces I don't share with anyone.  For example:  favorite cocktails and ideas for my next book.


Play date ideas I share with other parents who reply when they are interested in scheduling one of them.  These are often our favorite places to go with our children - so sharing this with other parents benefits them even if we don't do a playdate. 

I keep a space to share parenting articles I run across with my friends with children.  I also post questions, struggles, and funny stories I experience.

We share a space with just a few others where we post life lessons we hope our children learn some day.  We hope they will read these some day - and if not we at least have fun sharing our perspective and principles with close friends.

My wife and I share a space to share, discuss, and store gift ideas for our children and other family members.

My family loves to sing songs.  We keep our favorite song lyrics to fun and silly songs here.

We keep a space for our favorite recipes.  It's fun sharing it with other people - they can reply to each one with specific questions without interrupting everyone else on the space.

Developer, Christian

I share a space with many developers I know to share the latest news and ideas in the tech world.

I make spaces for each vacation so friends can follow me at their pace and later use it as an album. We love looking back. 

At our company, we have all been contributing to a space for company updates: stories, lessons, updates and plans.  This has been a great way to stay connected to the people making it all happen and give us all a voice in the process to contribute to the story.  As we hire new people they get "plugged in" to this rich history.

I keep a space in JustFor to share my faith with other christians.  We frequently share and discuss our journey here.  It really helps me to look back on the great things that have been found, shared, and discussed.

baseball fan

Baseball is really important to people I know from all walks of life.  I share with a diverse group of friends to share and discuss information about new recruits, changes in the team strategy, game updates, etc.  

When searching for a new car to buy, I posted what I found for a few of my friends to give me their feedback.

My wife and I share and discuss our favorite restaurant experiences with our closest foodie friends.

Spaces I don't share with anyone:  Workout routines, quotes that inspire me.

Improvisational comic, Emcee

I use a space for collecting any thoughts I have for new comedy material I might use in my show.  It's great to always have JustFor available to quickly jot these ideas down before I forget them.  I added a few people I trust to give me their honest feedback on whether the material is show-worthy.

I take a lot of photos and video of my cat doing hilarious things.   Too many to post on social media.  But for a few of my friends and family they set my Cat space to daily and I can post all day long knowing they only get the one update that they love.  I love looking back on all the photos here.

I keep a space for local news I find interesting.  I have many trusted friends in these spaces that help me find deeper insights into current events than I could have found on my own.

Ideas from other users


Web links to read later

Hip Hop News

Recipes I want to try

Trivia Day Every Hump Day (first person with the correct answer wins!)

Favorite movie lines (inc video to clips)

Emergency Preparedness Information

Favorite places around town for children

Favorite hikes

Favorite mountain bike trails

New words I just learned

Favorite comedy routines of all time

My Best Jokes

Video Games

Clothing/style ideas (I'm going out tonight - which outfit looks best?)

Collect ideas for rhymes for my children's book

Collect ideas for my next clothing shopping trip

Links to sites I want to hit regularly (but often forget)



What are you into?  Share and discuss it on JustFor.