How is JustFor different than other group sharing apps?

We believe JustFor is the first and only app to offer feed frequency and direct commenting on posts.  In addition, we are topic-based rather than simple groups of people.  JustFor is not a messaging app nor a social network.

Feed frequency allows you to control how often you get updates on each topic from each person.  Frequencies include Live, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Mute.

Direct commenting let's everyone avoid the chatter and group dynamics that occur when a group of people are brought together.  By sending to many people and discussing directly one-to-one, you can share with many people who don't know each other without them having to interact as part of a group (or even know who else is part of the group).

Can I use JustFor to store web content or media I want to refer to later?

Yes.  Regardless of whether you are sharing a space with anyone, you can use it to store web content, photos, and notes.

Can I share with people who are not signed up with JustFor?

Yes! You can share with anyone using their email address.

Why can I only invite people via email?

Our theory is that a person is not a complete stranger if you know their email.  This also means you don't have to wait for them to sign up for JustFor in order to start sharing with them.  

Can I store my photos here?

Yes! We would love that. You can even create topics without inviting others to use as your own storage space.  

Who can discover or search my posts?

Everything in JustFor is private by default and the platform will only share your content with those you added to each space.

Do posts disappear after a while?

No.  We like that things stick around. This way we keep an archive of our favorite things. Of course, if you want to delete a post or space, you certainly can.  

What devices do you support?

iPhone, Android, and a web browser app. 

I don't know what to name my spaces... can you get me started with examples?

Broadly defined space examples:  My Photos, Things to read later, Status updates, Web Articles,  Funny Stuff, General posts, etc.

Specifically defined space examples:  2015 Vacation to Greece,  Soccer team communication 2015, Ideas for this weekend, etc.  

Topically defined space examples: Science, Dogs, Politics, Local News, etc.  

Keep in mind that naming conventions determine how the spaces are organized when sorted alphabetically. 

Can I participate in the Alpha?

Sorry, our alpha is closed.  If you know someone who is participating and want to share with them in JustFor, please send an email to  Details about the alpha are here.





I'm not a fan of social networks, why should I use JustFor?

We are a sharing platform but don't consider ourselves a social network. Many people use JustFor to share and discuss things they otherwise would not in today's social networks.

Is this service free?

Yes, JustFor is free to use as long as you want with no limits on the amount of data.

How do I share things with certain people?

You can invite people to each space you want to share by using their email address. These people will receive notifications for posts you make in that space, unless they change their notification settings.

What types of posts can I make?

You can post and store photos, web links, or text-only notes.

What types of things should I share?

See this page for examples of how some of our users use JustFor.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Do I have to store and share posts by topic?  

No, you don't have to share by topic.  You can name each space whatever you want.  We do not associate each space with a master list of topics. 

Please keep in mind that our feed frequency feature is for each space.  If you post everything into one space, your friends will not be able to "dial up and down" by topic and you won't be able to share certain things with certain people. 

How does JustFor help me control what I see in my feed?

JustFor is the first personal sharing app that lets you determine how often, if ever, to receive notifications for each topic in your feed. You can control the volume of your feed by setting each space to a digest (daily, weekly, or monthly) or to Mute.  

Note that regardless of the feed frequency, you can still navigate to any space to see the latest posts.

Can anyone chime in on my posts?

No.  Anyone you share a space with can comment on posts in that space. Each comment is only seen by the author of the post. It’s essentially group sharing without the group discussion.

Will anyone know when I turn their space to "Mute"?

No.  Your selections are not broadcast to anyone else, including the owner of that space.

When I delete posts or spaces will they really be deleted from the JustFor servers?

Yes! Your data is soon deleted from our servers (please see our privacy policy and terms of use). Note: we might contain this information in our backups that are typically not needed or utilized.

How do I get access?

Once the beta is released - sign up for JustFor from the main page here.

I have a great idea for your app, how do I tell you about it?

Please suggest ideas by emailing Thank you!

Can my company or organization use this?

Yes! JustFor is made for anyone who wants to share information discreetly.   

Can I save a web link to JustFor from within a browser?

We will be working on this feature soon! This is an important part of our strategy to take over the world. Ok, well really, the strategy is to make sure you have the freedom to save whatever you want in JustFor whether it's web content or your personal media.