more personal,
more engaging, 
less public.

Today's social media can feel like a house party—often fun, but also exhausting. Often we want to say and share more than we currently can.  

JustFor enables you to be more open and free to share certain things with certain people.


No public profiles, followers, friend requests, or game invites.
You only see comments from people you know.
Everything is private by default

Share topics with
the right people

Share based on topics, rather than broadcasts to everyone.  Determine who should see each topic.  They decide how often, if ever, to receive updates. 

Share with many, 
Discuss 1-on-1

All replies to your posts are only seen by you. Share with people who don’t know each other, without group discussions.

Keep things here,
Find Them later

Ideas, lists, websites, or favorite photos - stash them for yourself or decide what to share with others. Everything is private by default, organized, and easily accessible.

How do others Use JustFor?

Meaningful Feedback
When it comes to getting unfiltered feedback from those I care about the most, I turn to JustFor.  This includes my art, writing, and personal growth.

Sharing ideas with my Spouse
My wife and I share and store ideas for upcoming house projects, places to take the children, movies we want to watch, and other family information.

Business Concepts
Whenever I run across great business articles, or learn valuable lessons at work, I share and discuss them with trusted business-minded friends without hosting a group discussion.

Photo collections
We keep two family spaces:  "Family Photos (Best Of)" for all our friends and "Family Photos (Frequent)" for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles who just can't get enough.   

Communicating with Clients
I love using JustFor to send all my clients a daily motivational quote or tip.  I can share to all of them at once, but only have discussions one-on-one to preserve their privacy.

I love that I can post political articles with a wide variety of friends and talk honestly with each person individually.


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