Be yourself.  

Freely share your favorite topics with just the right people - at the time that's right for them.

Your time is precious... tune into what matters most.   

Dial up topics you love and dial down the noise.  From family pictures to political debates, managing feed updates is a simple toggle between “Monthly,” “Live,” or even “Mute” (any topic, at any time).  

Say exactly what’s  on your mind.

Private replies reduce chatter and let you speak freely with just the person who made the post.  JustFor is group sharing without group discussion.

Fun and creativity happen when you’re free to share the right things with the right people at the right time.
— Jason Guppy, Founder of JustFor

A sharing platform, not a network.  JustFor doesn’t use public profiles.  No-one can follow you or ask to be friends. You won't see posts from people you don't know.  

Keep track of your favorite things.  JustFor makes it easy to keep photos, web content, or notes at your fingertips when you need them—or for sending to friends and contacts.

Wonder how people use JustFor?  For examples, go here.

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