Fun and creativity happen when you’re free to share the right things with the right people at the right time.
— Jason Guppy, JustFor Co-Founder

Sharing just got personal, more engaging, and less public.

Today's social media can feel like a house party—often fun, but also exhausting. These crowded environments can limit what we really want to say and share.  

JustFor enables you to be more open and free to share exactly what you want with those who are truly interested. 

A sharing platform, not a social network.  JustFor doesn’t have public profiles. No one can find you or ask to be friends. You won't see posts or comments from people you don't know. 

Group sharing without group discussion

All replies are only seen by you. You can share with friends who might not know each other, without awkward group dynamics.

Certain topics for certain people  

Share based on common interests, rather than frequent broadcasts to everyone.  You determine exactly who can see each topic, and they decide how often, if ever, to receive updates. 

Keep things here

Ideas, web content, or favorite photos - stash them for yourself or decide what to share with others. Everything is private by default, organized, and easily accessible.  

Dial down the noise

From family pictures to political debates, tuning into what matters most is a quick toggle between Live, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Mute.

Wonder how people use JustFor?  For examples, go here.

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