a few tips on using JustFor



  • The feed shows notifications of new posts and replies (like an inbox). 

  • To keep your feed tidy, you can clear items out of your feed with a right swipe.  You can always find all posts and related replies in the Spaces > Others area. 



  • Spaces are containers for storing posts (similar to "folders").  All spaces are private until you add people to the space.  Once you add people to a space, they will only get notified in their feed of future posts.

  • The "Others" area shows spaces owned by someone else.  You can search the "Others" space list with a friend's name to see only their spaces.

  • Replies are made to a post.  Replies on a post are only seen by the author of the post - rather then everyone in the space.  In the current version you might see the word "comment".  We are changing the term comment to reply



  • "Space frequency" lets you change how often you see updates in your feed related to any given space.  You can change the space frequency settings of each space using left swipe in the feed. If you set a space to a frequency of "Mute", then you will not see new posts in your feed related to that space.  This setting is unique to you - so changing it will not affect any other users.

  • Regardless of space frequency, you can always go to to the spaces area to see all posts (and related replies) within each space



  • When creating or editing a space, the "Others can post" option lets anyone on the space create new posts that will be seen by everyone in the space.  It also exposes the membership list to everyone who is in the space.  If you leave this feature off, everyone in the space can still reply to your posts, and no one will know who else is in the space.
  • NOTE:  this feature has been confusing for some people and we are considering removing it.  We originally were trying to give options to let >1 people create content (photos or web links) in a space but the "cost" of confusion might be greater than the benefit.  We would love to know if you like the feature - please tell us in the survey