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(not necessarily in priority order)

Upload video

Upload many photos and/or videos in a single post

Favorites feature for spaces

Co-owners of spaces

View a grid of all media in a space

Search across all posts

@name mentions

iWatch app

Siri integration

New space type:  "group" space for all users in the space to see all comments (with option to comment directly)

Filter the feed by person, type of post, or space

Make it easier to assign many people to a space

Add a person to many spaces at once

Save a web link directly from within a browser (mobile or desktop)

Associate a location with a post, and map all locations within a space

Event invitations for everyone in a space (including invitation tracking and calendar integrations)

Backup all or certain spaces to a home computer, external drive, or cloud backup vendor

Remove a person from my list of "people previously added to a space"

Hide a space from the "Others" area of spaces

Block a person from adding me to spaces (always set a person to Mute and Hidden)

While in the photos area of your mobile phone, send photos or videos to a new post

Group, sort, filter, organize your spaces

Third party integrations: imagine automatically importing anything from the web into a space for everyone there to enjoy and discuss privately (fitness tracking device results, Craigslist search, any type of news, etc.)

Manage notifications per space (including options for buzz or sound alerts) 

Reminder if no activity in a space for n days

Drafts (let me work on a post before everyone sees it)

Option to notify users after editing a post